The Dean & Chapter is one of the historic salmon catches of the middle Wye, approx. 13 miles downstream of Hereford and set in amongst some of the finest of Herefordshire’s countryside. This beat is named after the famous pool, which is at the upstream end of this one mile+ section of double bank fishing. The beat also has several other named salmon pools, along with croys and walkways. Despite being largely private and lightly fished in the past few years, it has been well maintained and has excellent access. Please note, however, that the track down to the parking area is quite steep, and can be slippery when wet. We advise all anglers when wet to inspect the track on foot before accessing the track in a vehicle.

Parking is next to the river and in dry conditions, there is vehicle access along almost the entire fishery (4x4 required for wet conditions from the parking area).

For coarse anglers the Dean & Chapter offers huge potential, being in a part of the Wye particularly well known for its barbel, chub and pike fishing. There is a wide variety of water from deeper, slower sections to shallower, faster water pushing through the large ranunculus beds.

Although the fishery has the rights to both banks, please note that all the access is from the left bank only. The owner reserves the right to fish a rod at any time, therefore exclusivity is not guaranteed - although this is only occasionally used.

Rules and Regulations
  • An online catch return MUST be completed after fishing
  • Dogs allowed but must be kept under control at all times
  • Coarse Fishing Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • No Night Fishing or overnight camping
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy
  • Catch & release for all species
  • All litter must be taken home with you
  • No fires or BBQ at any time
  • Do not obstruct estate vehicles or restrict access along the tracks at any time.
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing depending on ground conditions and weather forecast.
  • Novice/junior fisherpersons to be supervised by experienced fisherpersons.
  • If required please carry your personal medication on you at all times e.g. EpiPen

Availability & Booking

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Ticket Price Info
Max number of tickets per day:
Full Day £50.00
Full Day £27.50