Eglwys Nunydd is a 260-acre lowland reservoir in Margam near Port Talbot, Wales. The reservoir provides water for the nearby steelworks and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its fertile environment and diverse birdlife. Angling at the reservoir is controlled by the Tata Game Angling Association, a friendly and very welcoming club of around 100 members that celebrated its 50th year in 2016. The club welcomes anglers of all abilities and is keen to promote fly fishing to all.

For about two thirds of its circumference, concrete banks with steps and a level walkway provide very easy access. In addition, the natural banks the offers the ‘purist’ fisherman grass or rock banks or pebble bays. There are also three designated disabled areas, purpose designed to give easy access and with nearby parking. The reservoir has locked security gates to deter public access. (Code issued on booking).

Once home to brown trout into double figures, the club now stocks the reservoir with about 4,500 hard fighting rainbow trout averaging near 3lb, and with each stocking including some much larger fish. In 2019, and initial stocking of 2,000 in mid-December is to be followed by regular stockings through until April. Stocked fish soon begin to feast on the wealth of natural food available in the reservoir, and particularly on buzzers, but also on wind-blown terrestrials like hawthorns and daddies that brow from the surrounding marshland. There are also sticklebacks and coarse fish fry.

The trout can also feed avidly on ‘killer shrimp’ and anglers need to always observe biosecurity arrangements and practice ‘Check Clean and Dry’ after fishing to prevent the spread of this invasive species to other waters.

The reservoir is shallow, alkaline and has a bottom mostly made up of silt and cobbles, and weed growth that promotes insect life. From about March the trout are free rising and are readily taken on dries and nymphs, with unrivalled and exceptional top of the water sport to emerging buzzer patterns also to a subsurface approach to a floating line with buzzers and diawl bachs. Wonderful sport can be had on light tackle with trout that will strip your reel onto the backing and test both your knots and nerves. While fishing there are some vistas to be enjoyed such as the nearby Margam Park Estate and mountains beyond, so don’t be put off by the reservoir’s rather industrial location – you will be too busy covering that next rise to notice!

The downside of having a shallow reservoir is that as with other fisheries it warms up quickly in a hot summer and, dependant on the weather, fishing in the heat of the day can become very challenging. Some good sport may still be possible by fishing very early in the morning or in the evening. Although the fishery is open all year, by far the best fishing is from the first stockings to about July. As the weather warms the club offers evening tickets.

If you buy a day ticket you will also need the code for the lock on the reservoir access gate. A contact number to obtain the code and for advice on conditions and your best approach will be issued on booking.

You can also check out latest reports on the club web site - or the clubs Facebook page

Members have additional benefits, including fishing from the clubs boats, for wading in specified areas and to try kayak fishing. For Membership enquiries, please contact the Club directly on 01639 872283

Tickets available:
3 Fish Day ticket - includes up to 15 fish catch & release and 3 fish kill (fishing stops once 3 fish are killed)
Catch & release ticket - up to 15 fish

The lake is open 365 days a year.

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Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • No Night Fishing or overnight camping
  • Flyfishing only
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • No Keepnets
  • No Brown Trout to be killed
  • Additional Club rules apply. Please see link above

Availability & Booking

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Ticket Price Info
Max number of tickets per day:
Trout (Stillwater)
Catch & Release Permit £18.00
3 Fish Permit £24.00