Dolaucothi Arms
4 miles of double bank fishing on the upper River Cothi and access to another 2 miles further downstream in association with a local fishing club. There is also access to a smaller stretch of the River Twrch which is a tributary of the Cothi.

Fishing for migratory fish is more productive from mid-season onwards but given the right conditions, fresh run fish can appear this far up the system in late May. Brown trout are abundant and present for the whole season. The fishing upstream is wild, unspoilt and very challenging. The brown trout here will come readily to a well presented fly and with a lot of overhanging trees, the fish are also terrestrial feeders. However, they are easily spooked and need a stealthy approach.

The club record brown trout is 4lbs 9oz and you can encounter sizable salmon and sea trout here later in the season. The summer months see some really good hatches of Sedge and Olives.

The downstream section includes the Junction Pool of the River Twrch and River Cothi. Fishermen love a junction pool and this one is no exception.

Further down the river opens out into the flood plain and gives plenty more opportunities for fly fishing (double bank). This part of the River Cothi has runs of sewin from early summer onwards (depending on river levels) and again the brown trout fishing here will keep you busy. Sewin and salmon are prolific late season after moderate spates.

Night fishing for the sewin on the lower stretches of water can be very good given the right water conditions. During low water conditions, worming with a light line can also work very well.

A day ticket allows you to fish for salmon, sea trout or brown trout and covers a 24 hour period from 7am to 7am, allowing the mouth watering prospect of fishing for salmon and trout during the day followed by night fishing for the secretive and elusive Welsh sewin!
Please note the brown trout season ends on the 30th September.

This beat is shared with a small local fishing club but is very lightly fished and your chances of bumping into someone given the amount of water available, is very remote.

Nearby accommodation
Dolaucothi Arms, Pumsaint

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • No Dogs Allowed