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Monday 17 August 2020 (1 month ago)

Area:Upland Llyns

Beat:Llyn Craigypistyll (Aberystwyth AA)

Fishing:Trout (Stillwater)

No. of Anglers:1

Decided to fish the lowland bank on the far side of the reservoir first as the wind was blowing onto it. Fished all the way round for one brownie which took the Black Pennell on the dropper. Hopped over two barbed wire fences and waded the stream running into the reservoir to get to the other side. Found the fish in the deeper water beneath the rock face. After noticing the odd fish rising, I switched to a sedge pattern and took five fish. Three were from the same spot, which was unusual as wild brownies tend to be territorial. Lots of building work going on at the dam, so wasn't as isolated as I had hoped. But really enjoyable day's fishing and hope to be back soon.

6 Trout

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