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Last Update: 9:58 am, 31st December 2017

We cannot stress enough the importance of making quick and accurate returns of salmon catches, even if nothing has been caught. Recording catch data is one (perhaps the best, certainly the most cost effective) way of determining the success of our river restoration works. Although affected by short term variations in weather and water conditions, the longer term data set will build an accurate picture of our salmon runs. Catch returns can be made quickly via our online form for both Passport and non-Passport waters.

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Wednesday 1 November 2017

7:41 pm Bigsweir: Finished on 181 for the season.

Thursday 26 October 2017

11:23 am Spreadeagle: Finished on 54 for the season.

Friday 20 October 2017

9:14 am Chapel House: finished the season on 22

8:59 am Holme Lacy 3: Late report from the 9th Oct, Colin Richardson had a 10 lb fish.

Thursday 19 October 2017

9:10 pm Rhosferig: 7 Salmon: 15lb, 13lb, 2 x 12lb, 10lb and 2 x 5lb for Bill Baxter. Robert Thompson caught his first 3 Salmon, 14lb, 12lb and 10lb.and Tim West, had 2: 10lb and 6lb........ 12 in all over the last 2 days of the season.

8:35 pm Upper Bigsweir: from 12th Oct, 9lbs first fish for James Tustin from Little Run

4:38 pm Dolgau: Late report of an 8lb fish to Richard Gipps on Sunday.

9:18 am Wyebank and Courtfield: Late reports of 2 fish from mid June, est 8 and 10 lbs, and 4 fish in September: 14, 14 and 10 lbs all coloured, and one small silver fish.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

4:54 pm The Rocks: From yesterday, two Hen fish of 7 and 8 lbs, and a 14 lb cock fish.

9:51 am Lower Backney: From the Monument, Keith Maddox had a 10 lb slightly coloured hen fish yesterday, with a few other fish showing.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

10:04 pm Nyth: Mike Hobbs from Crickhowell caught 3 salmon in the Cafn and Cafn Stream on a Red Francis 11, 12, 13lbs.

9:16 pm Carrots: 2 x 10lbs on bottle tube for Chris Adams

8:59 pm Nyth and Tyrcelyn: An amazing day with 8 salmon landed and 3 lost. Salmon of 11, 12, 13 lbs in Turn Pool; 18 lbs in Heol Vach; 8 lbs Tyr Celyn Hut croy; 11 and 12 lbs Longstream and 14 lbs from Boat Pool. All on an Allys shrimp.

7:33 pm Rectory: Tim Hughes landed a 33" fish from the Mill stream.

7:27 pm Ross AC: Two more fish for Matt Cooper on the last day. Both fish came from Weirend stretch of Ross AC waters. First weighed 12lb and the second caught late in the day was 13lb both came to a small shrimp pattern.

3:59 pm Spreadeagle: John Edwards had a 15 lb coloured cock fish from Highbank.

3:14 pm Edwinsford (Cothi): A 13 lb cock fish for James Philipps from the Sheep Deep, caught on a Willie Gun Tube. The fish looked as though it had been in the river some time. Then Neil Robbins had a fresh hen fish of 10 lbs in the Bottom Step on an Orange Rapala.

11:26 am Gromain & Upper Llanstephan : 14lb hen from the Leaning Willow for George Ottewell.

11:26 am Llangoed & Lower Llanstephan : 13lb hen from the Chapel Catch for the Local Angler.

Monday 16 October 2017

8:57 pm Llangoed: 33" First salmon for Daniel Jeanes from the Chapel Catch on a tube fly.

8:54 pm Glanwye: 31" and 29" hens from Tail of Duhonw for Andrew King

6:32 pm Rectory: 10lbs from Rock Pool for Local Angler's Guest on an Usk Grub

6:32 pm Nyth: An acrobatic, strong 13lb hen fish from the Corner at 3pm; A 6lb. coloured cock fish in gale force winds

4:44 pm The Rocks: 5 fish from over the weekend, 7 and 9 lb hens on Saturday, 8 and 10 lb hens on sunday with a 7 lb cock fish as well. There was also a 9 lb hen fish reported today before the weather turned too bad.

4:23 pm Spreadeagle: An 8lb fish from the Orchard Pool, was very active and went back well for Alistair Thompson.

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