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Last Update: 5:42 pm, 30th April 2017

We cannot stress enough the importance of making quick and accurate returns of salmon catches, even if nothing has been caught. Recording catch data is one (perhaps the best, certainly the most cost effective) way of determining the success of our river restoration works. Although affected by short term variations in weather and water conditions, the longer term data set will build an accurate picture of our salmon runs. Catch returns can be made quickly via our online form for both Passport and non-Passport waters.

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Sunday 30 April 2017

5:38 pm Wyesham: 10lbs on a SHFC for James Hart, long tailed sea lice.

Saturday 29 April 2017

5:28 pm Courtfield: 27lb for Rene Alleyne.

9:21 am Wysham: 20.5lbs on a SHFC for Joe Cobley

Friday 28 April 2017

4:00 pm Lower Symonds Yat: 3 fish for Martin Bowler yesterday: 8lb old fish on a tungsten nymph, 12lb bar of silver on a silver snaelda and 16lb on a flying C.

3:05 pm Holme Lacy 4: Approximately 9lb cock fish to Robin Hemming on an FC.

2:07 pm Wyebank: 3 for Don Macer-wright yesterday evening 10lbs, 10lbs and 12lbs all on a #12 yellow flamethrower, with other fish seen.

Thursday 27 April 2017

7:08 pm Carrots: 8 and 12lbs for Tom Lane spinning

7:05 pm Wyesham: 25lbs for George Adams on a SHFC and 12lbs for Tim Ridsdale on fly

4:42 pm Goodrich Court: Vanstone Pool, a 10lb Hen silver hen fish for Ken Halbert, spinning.

2:28 pm Lower Carrots and Luggsmouth: Poachers Pool, another 10lb fish for Charles Dakin, this time a cock fish on a yellow Flying C.

9:08 am Lower Carrots and Luggsmouth: A 10lb silver hen fish for Charles Dakin yesterday, caught on a flying C.

Wednesday 26 April 2017

8:56 pm Ingeston: 23lbs for David Slade spinning

8:50 pm Wyesham: 20lbs for Richard Thomas on fly and 12.5lbs for Peter Godsall

Monday 24 April 2017

3:24 pm Wyesham: 12.5lbs on a Franc n Snaelda for Alan Shufflebothan

12:47 pm Whitney: Fresh hen fish, 20 lbs to Mr Brian Prestbury on beat 3 this morning. Spinning after first covering the fish with fly.

Sunday 23 April 2017

5:37 pm Underhill: Geoff Lomasney landed a fish of 11lbs spinning

5:36 pm Ingeston: Tom Lane and James Robin landed fish of 8lbs and 9lbs spinning

Saturday 22 April 2017

8:12 pm Golden Mile: 11lbs from the Boat Pool for Ian Morris

8:07 pm Ingeston: 8lbs with long tailed sealice for Nick Sayer

8:06 pm Wyesham: 18lbs for Gordon Richards; 14lbs for Brian Press both on Fly. More smolts seen leaving

12:34 pm Wyastone Leys: 15lbs for Richard Perrett on a Willie Gunn Snaelda

12:34 pm Coedithyl: 15lbs for Alan Davies on an fC

10:46 am Aramstone: 18lbs from the Whirley Hole on an FC by Jordan Henderson

10:17 am Caradoc: 18lb for George Staniforth on fly

Friday 21 April 2017

5:57 pm Wyesham: pm, Joe Cobley had an 18lbs fish on a SHFC (Single hook FC btw!)

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