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Last Update: 9:58 pm, 20th August 2017

We cannot stress enough the importance of making quick and accurate returns of salmon catches, even if nothing has been caught. Recording catch data is one (perhaps the best, certainly the most cost effective) way of determining the success of our river restoration works. Although affected by short term variations in weather and water conditions, the longer term data set will build an accurate picture of our salmon runs. Catch returns can be made quickly via our online form for both Passport and non-Passport waters.

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Sunday 20 August 2017

9:37 pm Rectory: c28lbs for Robert Wheatcroft from the Bridge Pool

9:27 pm Nyth and Tyrcelyn: c13lbs on a cone head in coloured water, another lost

9:26 pm Upper Bigsweir: 13lbs and 6lbs from Little Run for Nathan Jubb on SHFC

Saturday 19 August 2017

8:05 pm Wyesham: 10lbs for David Curtis on Mepps

8:03 pm Upper Bigsweir: 8lbs on SHFC from Little Run for Nathan Jubb and 12lbs also Little Run for Steve Dawes on FC another lost

8:02 pm Chainbridge, Usk: 10lbs on Willie Gunn varient for Anguis McDiarmid from Rock Pool

Friday 18 August 2017

1:20 pm Bigsweir: 17 so far in August and 123 for the season. They were catching steadily at start of month, but catches have slowed in last few days as fish have moved up. Mostly summer salmon and grilse, with the best fish a couple of 16lbers.

Thursday 17 August 2017

5:41 pm Upper Bigsweir: 12lb Cockfish from the Little Run on a Bann shrimp

12:11 pm Late report from 7th August at Swan Meadow (Usk): A 10lb fish on fly, with another at 11 lbs on Flying C.

Wednesday 16 August 2017

9:40 am Rectory: Another fish from Mill Stream, 11.5 lb on size 10 Bann for Simon Evans this morning.

8:10 am Llangoed and Lower Llanstephan: Yesterday, 4lb Grilse at Chapel catch with a Japanese Lure for Cherry salmon by Yoshinori Ishii.

8:07 am Rectory: 18lb hen salmon at Mill stream with Japanese Lure for Yoshinori Ishii, taken late afternoon Monday when it started raining. Coloured but good condition.

Monday 14 August 2017

10:18 pm Whitney: Hen fish, 12lb caught on No 3 around 1900 on size 12 Irish shrimp fly for Jophn Levick

3:49 pm Lower Carrots and Luggsmouth: Pylons Pool, an 8lb coloured fish for Glyn the Gillie, that swam off strongly. There were lots of other fish seen moving through.

2:27 pm Wyesham: 11.5 lbs fish for Alan Shufflebotham on size 12 Silver Stonefly

9:22 am Spreadeagle: From Saturday, a 10lb red-ish Hen fish, the first Wye Salmon for Robert Bland.

Saturday 12 August 2017

8:57 pm Golden Mile: 5lbs grilse on fly for Dave Palmer from Blackwells Ditch

Thursday 10 August 2017

7:04 pm Wyesham: 14 lbs fish for Tim Risedale on a Cascade size 10.

6:58 pm Red Lion.: 15lbs slightly coloured from Beat 2 Red Lion. on a conehead Snaelda for Roger Rayner yesterday

7:09 am Golden Mile: 9lbs on a Willie Gunn for Geoff Burton

Wednesday 9 August 2017

9:25 pm Wyesham: 9 lbs , Joe Cobley, MacCormack Shrimp.

4:29 pm Rectory: 10.5lbs on #10 Bann Shrimp from the Rectory Pool and 11lbs from Glangwy on a Sunray for Simon Evans

2:02 pm Llangoed and Lower Llanstephan: Tim Hughes lost a fresh looking grilse from the Chapel Catch, and had a 28 inch coloured fish from above the waterworks on an Usk Grub.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

4:04 pm Wyesham Rods: Two rods available on these coming Sundays: 13th, 20th, 27th. Call 01874 712 074 to book.

8:58 am We have a new Usk Salmon and Trout fishery opened: Upper Tower, a few miles downstream of Brecon.

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