For all bookings.

  • By using this booking system, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use. You should carefully review the terms and conditions whether booking online or by phone. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, you should not book. We may amend, revise or update the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice to you. Therefore, you should carefully review the terms and conditions each time you use the booking system.
  • No sub-letting or re-selling of tickets is permitted.
  • Every angler must be aware of and abide by the fishery's own regulations and procedures.
  • Prices, fishery rules and availability of beats may change at any time.
  • Every angler must have a current Environment Agency (EA) rod licence, be aware of and abide by all byelaws.
  • Unless stated otherwise in a beat's specific rules or agreed with the Fishing Passport Manager in advance, a rod may not be shared.
  • On the day of fishing, anglers must be in possession of a copy of the Order Confirmation email as proof of purchase, along with the beat map sent with that confirmation. Anyone fishing without these may be asked to leave the water even if they have purchased a permit.
  • Bookings made on Fishing Passport beats by phone or in person are subject to a £5.00 fee while those made online are subject to a £3.00 fee (see section 3. For Wild Stream beat booking fees).
  • Order confirmations are sent by email. Confirmations sent by post are subject to an additional £3.00 charge.
  • It is the anglers’ responsibility to ensure that their booking complies with any Government advice or rules on travel and leisure during COVID lockdowns or at any other time. The Fishing Passport cannot be held responsible for an anyone being stopped, turned back or fined by the police while en-route to fishing a Passport water. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.
  • Upgrading existing bookings (e.g. trout fishing to salmon) must be done in advance of the date booked by telephone only.


  • Junior tickets are applicable for children between the ages of 12-17 and are only purchasable by adults (i.e. over 18's).
  • Juniors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Refunds & re-booking

  • Once a booking has been confirmed, refunds are only possible in exceptional circumstances whereby the angler is not able to take up the fishing due to an error or action by the fishery owner or by the Fishing Passport Office (either personnel or website).
  • Re-booking of fishing is possible but only for the same beat for which the original booking was made and at least 10 days in advance of the original booking. Re-bookings will be subject to a £7.00 charge per beat and must be used within the same calendar year.
  • If you have made a booking and are unable to fish you can also ask the Fishing Passport Office to re-let the ticket(s). Unlike re-bookings, there are no time limits on when you can request this facility and if we are successful, you will receive a refund for your booking minus whatever booking fee applied. Please note that you can request us to re-let tickets that would only be available for online booking.

Evening Tickets

  • Only available on participating beats.
  • Tickets can only be purchased on the same day and after 1pm.
  • Fishing is only permitted from 5pm to 1 hour after sunset. This includes any pre-baiting.

Block Bookings

  • Only available on participating beats.
  • Block bookings allow anglers to purchase the maximum number of tickets available for a day, sometimes at a discounted rate.
  • A beat's webpage will state the maximum number of anglers permitted to fish under a block booking. Less than the maximum number may fish but this number should never be exceeded.
  • Block bookings cannot be sublet, as is the case with any booking.


Some beats operate a "wash-off" policy meaning that should you turn up and are unfortunate to find the river in flood, you can at least re-book for another day without further payment. This policy has been negotiated with fishery owners on your behalf and is unique to the Passport scheme. The participating fisheries are clearly indicated in their beat description. No refund will be offered.

Please note the following conditions to the policy:

  • A washed-off re-booking must be used on the same beat and within the same calendar year as the original booking, subject to the availability of that beat. Anglers should be aware that if a booking is made late in the year or season, it may not be possible to reschedule and therefore no re-booking can be made.
  • A different type of rod can be re-booked (e.g. a washed-off trout rod may re-book as a winter grayling rod after 30 September). However, any difference in price will be chargeable, and will incur the appropriate booking fee. If the re-booking is for a rod cheaper than the original booking, no refund for the difference will be made.
  • The re-booking option applies only in the event of a flood. It does not apply to merely 'difficult' fishing or poor weather conditions.
  • It is at the Fishing Passport manager's absolute discretion as to what constitutes 'flood' or 'impossible' fishing conditions and his/her decision is final.
  • The decision to grant a wash-off can only be made on or after the day of the booking. Wash-offs cannot be granted in advance. Claims for wash off must be made to the Fishing Passport Office within 2 working days.
  • The policy is only applicable to some Fishing Passport beats.


  • The wash-off policy applies to advance bookings on Wild Stream beats.
  • No dogs are permitted on any Wild Stream beats.

Wild Stream Day Ticket Bookings

  • 6pm is the latest time for online bookings for the following day (5pm over the phone).
  • Telephone bookings for Wild Stream beats are subject to the usual £5.00 booking fee. However, online bookings for Wild Stream beats incur no fee.

Wild Stream Season Permits

  • Season Permit holders can only fish those Wild Stream beats that are shown as available for the day on the Fishing Passport website.
  • Season Permits can be used only by the named angler at the time of purchase.
  • 2 Rod Season Permits can only be used by the person named at the time of purchase to fish on their own or with one unnamed guest (i.e if two people are fishing, one of them has to be the named purchaser).
  • The Season Permits can be used for Wild Stream fishing only and cannot be used for any Booking Office beat.
  • When selecting and fishing a beat, the Permit holder must be in possession of the latest beat map (printed or electronic format).
  • The 'Vehicle Display' section of the Permit must be displayed in the car window when fishing, with the other section carried by the angler.
  • If on arrival at a beat a permit holder finds that it is already being fished by another permit holder, they must find an alternative beat and must not fish behind the first angler.
  • Multiple beats can be fished on the same day by the permit holder (providing they are listed as available), with no extra cost.
  • A catch return must be posted after fishing via the Fishing Passport website, even if no fish have been caught.
  • Anglers must be aware of individual beat rules and byelaws before fishing and must abide by them at all times.
  • The Fishing Passport reserves the right to revoke a Season Permit without refund if any of the above conditions are breached.


  • The Fishing Passport reserves the right to exclude any angler found to be in breach of any of the above terms and conditions from the scheme for an indefinite period.
  • Fishery owners reserve the right at all times to exclude individuals from their property without recourse or explanation. In such circumstances, a refund will be offered under the standard “Refunds and re-bookings” policy in Item 1 above.
  • Your booking only allows you access to the water on the day of fishing from sunrise until one hour after sunset. Only where specific individual beats allow can anglers fish through the night (i.e. 24-hour tickets for sea trout fishing).
  • Vouchers/Tokens from other rivers trusts' Passport schemes can be used to pay for bookings or Wild Stream Season Permits provided they are used in the period of validity as defined by that Trust.
  • If you wish to make a complaint, please contact the Fishing Passport Manager at admin@fishingpassport.co.uk as soon as possible.
  • All anglers must be aware of and abide by biosecurity measures, especially those regarding Gyrodactylus salaris.
  • Please follow our "What to Do Guide", issued with booking confirmation emails and The Countryside Code.
  • While the Fishing Passport endeavours to ensure that the information provided on the website is accurate, we cannot be held liable for any errors or discrepancies that occur. Through the Passport, miles of fishing has been opened that would otherwise be inaccessible to visiting anglers. As with any fishing, there are risks involved. While we endeavour to highlight any such risks, the Fishing Passport or the Wye & Usk Foundation cannot be held liable for any accidents, personal injury or damage to property.


  • Merchandise orders online are accepted for delivery to UK addresses only.