How they work

Season permits are available from the Foundation. Prices are on the Wye & Usk Foundation website and can be purchased online or by phone. They are valid for the calendar year for which they are bought and can only be used by the person who purchased it. A 2 Rod Permit can only be used by the person named at the time of purchase to fish on their own or with one unnamed guest (i.e. if two people are fishing, one of them has to be the named purchaser)

At 6pm the day before, bookings for Wild Streams will cease for the following day. A list of beats that have not been pre-booked will then be published on the Wild Stream page. You will need to enter your Online Booking System username and password to see this list (we will give you a username and password at the time of purchase if you do not already have an account with us). Please remember that if a beat has been pre-booked then it will not available to Wild Stream Permit holders i.e. you must check the available list before setting out.

Season Permit holders decide which beats they might like to fish that day and download and print the maps and directions from the same page (these will no longer be shown in the Passport although rules & regs will). We suggest you download and save the maps on your computer so that you don't have to do this every time you go fishing. Please note that you must not disclose the beat maps and directions with anyone who has not purchased a Season Permit.

Follow the directions to your preferred beat and if another pass holder hasn't beaten you to it, go fishing! You will need to carry your Season Permit on you and place the Vehicle Pass section in your windscreen.

If another Season Permit holder is there, select another beat and move on. Do not fish behind another angler.

You are free to fish any number of the available beats that day.

Submit an online catch return for every beat fished – the success of the scheme depends on this.