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Last Update: 1:58 pm, 10th July 2019

We cannot stress enough the importance of making quick and accurate returns of salmon catches, even if nothing has been caught. Recording catch data is one (perhaps the best, certainly the most cost effective) way of determining the success of our river restoration works. Although affected by short term variations in weather and water conditions, the longer term data set will build an accurate picture of our salmon runs. Catch returns can be made quickly via our online form for both Passport and non-Passport waters. Most of our reporting is from the Wye. Where a salmon has come from another river we will state accordingly.

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Sunday 14 July 2019

9:39 pm Garnons: 16lb cock fish on a mepp 4 spinner for Ricky Reno and another lost

Wednesday 10 July 2019

9:46 am Newbridge (Usk): John Harris had an 8 lb salmon, from the usual place on the usual fly!

Thursday 4 July 2019

12:22 pm HDAA: 10lbs for Charles Davies on a Mepps from their Luggsmouth beat

Monday 1 July 2019

6:14 pm Rectory: 7lbs approx cock salmon to Magnus Philipps while trout fishing at the end of the Neck of the Rectory.

2:36 pm Wyesham: 1st July fish for John Braithwaite, 15lbs on fly.

Sunday 30 June 2019

5:05 pm Wyesham: sea liced grilse 6lbs for Terry Ward

2:32 pm Whitney: 14lbs on a general Practitioner for Stuart Smith from Beat 3 very early am

11:20 am Rectory: 12lbs fresh fish for Andy Beattie on fly, also a big fish lost in the Mill Stream after 10 mins by Mike Bolt

Saturday 29 June 2019

4:36 pm Glanwye: 13lb salmon on cascade to William Morley - Craig dhu

12:50 pm Wyesham, yesterday: 15 lbs fresh fish for Gordon Richards on fly

9:15 am Rectory: An early start enabled Mark Purvis to land an 18lbs hen from the Mill Stream on a small fly

Thursday 27 June 2019

4:38 pm Rectory: 13lbs newish fish on fly from Rectory Run for Phil Batty

2:25 pm Carrots: Chris Howell had a fresh 8lb salmon on SHFC this morning.

1:09 pm Whitney Court: Yesterday at 5.45pm Paul Miles had a 15 lb fish on a Flying C. Fish from Loxters Pool, beat 5.

9:05 am Greenbank (Usk): A 15 lb fish reported from Monday, very fresh, from the tail of the Tail Pool.

Wednesday 26 June 2019

10:33 am Whitney Court: Nathan Jubb had a 6 lb fish this morning, more details to follow.

9:01 am Gromain: Paul Suter caught a 13 lb yesterday, on a small bottle cascade fished deep on a fast sink tip slowly in the spring pool. He also saw a big fish show 3 times in the tail of the ferry but wasn't playing.

Tuesday 25 June 2019

9:29 pm Lysdinam: A 8.5 lb bar of silver for Stephen Grimwood on a single hook jock Scott

3:12 pm Rectory: Tim Hughes got in a couple of hours before work, which resulted in a 13lb bar of silver on a small francis at the tail of the rock pool.

2:53 pm Nyth and Tyr Celyn: On Saturday, a 10 lb fresh silver fish in Cafn on a 1/2 inch tube fly coloured red.

10:44 am Wyesham: 17lb sea liced fish to Stephen Marsh-Smith this morning on a Willie Gunn tube fished on a sunk line.

9:46 am Whitney Court: 9 lb hen fish from beat 4 this morning for Tony Perrin, on a yellow & black tube fly.

Monday 24 June 2019

9:57 pm Fennifach: 10lbs fish on a tungsten nymph for Alex Stock: fish of a lifetime!

8:56 pm Rectory: 8lb fresh fish on a #8 Bann from the tail of the Rock pool

7:12 pm Rectory: 10lbs fish for Phillip Batty from the Gravel Catch

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