The River Towy is one of the UK's best sea trout rivers (or sewin as they are known in Wales), renowned for producing fish well into double figures. The river flows from Llyn Brianne Dam, through the towns of Llandovery and Llandeilo before entering the Irish Sea, south west of Carmarthen. At around 75 miles long, it is not a long river but the Towy Valley is some of Wales's most beautiful countryside.

Fly fishing at night for sewin is a unique experience. Feeling that line go tight in pitch darkness before all hell breaks loose fighting with potentially a double figure fish is a sensation matched by no other. The Towy also has a good run of salmon up to 25lbs with the average fish being 8-12lbs. What better day out could a fresh water game angler want than pursuing salmon during the day before trying for a sewin in the darkest of night in the magical Welsh countryside! The brown trout fishing should not be underestimated either, with fish of up to 3lbs present.

Fishing Type Key
Trout (River)
Sea Trout
Trout (Stillwater)
Winter Grayling
All Species (in season)
Boat up to 2 Anglers
Bank Only