Not to be confused with the Abbey Dore Court Beat, Abbey Dore is quite short (800 yards) and is ideal for 3 or 4 hours fishing for one or two people. In addition to the trout, there are good numbers of grayling in this stretch, enabling it to remain open all-year-round. Grayling usually start to appear in catch returns from mid July onwards, with some good catches even being made in December. As with the other Dore beats, there are some deceptively deep pools.

Ideally fished with: 6.5 to 7.5ft, 2 to 4wt rod.

B&B accommodation is available next to the water at Tan House Farm 01981 240204.

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Flyfishing only
  • Catch & release for all species
  • Dogs allowed but must be kept under control at all times
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy

Availability & Booking

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Ticket Price Info
Max number of tickets per day:
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Trout (River)
Full Day £11.00
Winter Grayling
Full Day £11.00