Forming the border between England and Wales for much of its length, the Monnow starts life in the hills around Hay Bluff, flowing for approximately 26 miles in a general southerly direction before entering the Wye at Monmouth. It has numerous tributaries, the most famous fishing-wise being the Honddu, Olchon, Escley and Dore.

Named in Welsh “Myn-wy” literally “by the Wye”, it is the first major tributary of the Wye and was historically known as “one of the very best trout streams in south Britain” (The Field 1904). This bold claim is still upheld by those who fish it regularly. Grayling are also present in many of the middle and lower reaches, and the Dore. Until recently much of the Monnow was relatively private and therefore frustratingly unavailable to visiting anglers. However, alongside extensive habitat restoration schemes undertaken by The Monnow Fisheries Association, much more of the river has been opened up.

In addition to the highly recommended Wild Stream beats, there is more Monnow fishing available via the Booking Office.

Fishing Type Key
Trout (River)
Sea Trout
Trout (Stillwater)
Winter Grayling
All Species (in season)
Boat up to 2 Anglers
Bank Only