Approximately 1km of double bank wild brown trout & grayling fishing on the medium sized river Irfon, set in remote and beautiful surroundings. The Irfon at Gofynne holds good numbers of grayling, wild brown trout and chub. There is also a chance for a late season salmon too.

The riverbed is a mixture of gravel and bedrock providing difficult wading in places so felt and/or studded soles are a must.

Gofynne is fly fishing only from 3rd March to 31st October. Float fishing (trotting) with bait is permitted for grayling and chub from 1st November to 2nd March.

The river Irfon here is an area where salmon spawn in the autumn and winter. We ask all anglers to ensure they do not disturb any spawning fish and be extremely careful not step in or close to any redds. When fishing from November to March it is advisable not to wade over knee depth. Chub may also be spawning in the gravels in late spring and summer.

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Catch & release for all species
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy
  • Fly Fishing only for Trout
  • Trotting is only allowed between 1st November and 2nd March

Availability & Booking

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Trout (River)
Full Day £20.00
Winter Grayling
Full Day £20.00