The Middle Wye is that part of the river from Hay-on-Wye downstream to Ross-on-Wye. Here the river takes on a leisurely, meandering character, with a more uniform width and depth. This part of the Wye is probably the river's best coarse fishing (although there are some very productive lower river beats too) and most of the fisheries offer all the main target species for coarse anglers, namely barbel, chub and pike. Dace, perch and roach can also be found in the middle river too. Some middle Wye fisheries (usually those just below Hay) also offer some good trout and grayling fishing too with the additional benefit of the riverbed being much easier to wade than the bedrock sections upstream. Salmon fishing is also available in the middle Wye although the slower nature of the river here lends itself more to spinning. Most of the beats do, however, offer sections of good fly water. Canoeing A right of navigation exists on the Wye downstream of Hay. These beats may therefore be subject to canoe traffic, especially during summer and during the middle part of Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. See here for advice on how to minimise the impact of canoeing on your fishing.

Fishing Type Key
Trout (River)
Sea Trout
Trout (Stillwater)
Winter Grayling
All Species (in season)
Boat up to 2 Anglers
Bank Only