New in 2020 : Exclusivity at this beat is not guaranteed. There is a private syndicate of coarse rods with access to the fishery. There are 40 members in total (who have access to other fisheries) and chances of a syndicate member being present is slim. Fishing Passport Day tickets, will have priority when it comes to parking.

Nestled in the heart of the Wye Valley on a private estate, this fishery is over a mile of right bank fishing down to the small confluence of the Bishopswood Brook. The fishery can be accessed with your vehicle and you can drop your gear right to your swim.

The fishery features three styles of fishing landscape: meadow fishing, woodland fishing and wild fishing in this beautiful valley. This stretch of the River Wye is well known for its amazing barbel fishing. It is also home to some very large chub, trout and grayling and is world renowned for its magnificent salmon. Offering up a variety of cribs and pools, not only is the barbel and salmon fishing a must, we are also very excited at the opportunity of some monstrous pike.

The location itself can only be described as stunning, with breathtaking views of the Wye Valley nestled in the Courtfield Estate, home to wild herds of fallow deer and circling buzzards. The sheer variety of landscape & fishing styles encompassed in this beat provides for every type of angler.

Thomas Wood Features:
• Vehicle Access
• Bankside Parking
• Coarse & Salmon Fishing
• Meadow, Woodland & Wild Fishing

Fishing hours are dawn to dusk (arrival and departure)

Half price evening tickets can be purchased after 1pm on the day of fishing. Fishing is allowed from 5pm.

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Catch & release for all species
  • Dogs allowed but must be kept under control at all times
  • No Night Fishing or overnight camping
  • Coarse Fishing Regulations

Availability & Booking

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Ticket Price Info
Max number of tickets per day:
Full Day £35.00
Adult & Junior (up to 16yrs) £52.50
Evening fishing from 5pm onwards £17.50
Full Day £23.00
Adult & Junior (up to 16yrs) £34.50
Evening fishing from 5pm onwards £11.50