Approximately 800 yards of double bank salmon and coarse fishing a few miles downstream of Hereford. One of the famous middle Wye salmon fisheries (part of Hutton’s water). Being a middle Wye beat, the best time for salmon fishing is usually April, May, June or late September. Good water heights for salmon are between 1’6” and 2” on the gauge opposite the hut. The beat also offers excellent coarse fishing for all the usual species, including barbel, chub and pike.

A small salmon syndicate infrequently fish this beat so exclusivity is not guaranteed.
COARSE & SALMON ANGLERS NOTE: Coarse rods must note that a salmon rod may also be on the beat and want to fish downstream through your swim. In such cases the coarse angler must temporarily give way to the salmon rod

The services of a ghillie will be available for Salmon fishing. (£10 tipping required) Refreshments are available by prior arrangement via the ghillie at further cost.

All bookings have to be run past the fishery owner before they can be accepted. The fishery owner will aim to give WUF a response within 48 hours.

Fishing is from the right bank via a 400 yard grass verge track around the outside of the field. Anglers can drive 1 car along this grass strip to the riverbank in dry conditions. Parties with two vehicles must leave one parked on the parking area provided (as shown on the Beat Map which is sent on booking). In wet conditions the field should only be crossed by foot involving a 540m (0.3 mile) walk to the river. Once at the water’s edge, the open banks provide easy, gently sloping access to the water with a level walkway along much of the beat.

CAUTION: Access to the beat is on a busy road with no verge or pull-in. It is best approached from an easterly direction. Anglers are advised to stop with their hazard lights on, before opening the gate and driving down into the field where there is some hard standing to park on. Please remember to close the gate and not to block any of the field access. When rejoining the road after fishing it is impossible to see traffic coming from your right. If there are 2 of you, we recommend the passenger gets out and makes sure the road is clear. If you are on your own, please rejoin the road with extreme care before pulling over with your hazard lights on to close the gate behind you.

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Catch & release for all species
  • Coarse Fishing Regulations
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy


Fishing this Beat

This beat can only be booked by contacting the Fishing Passport. You can view the available fishing online, but bookings cannot be made on the website.

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