Those that read the angling press will have seen features on trout fishing in wild upland lakes ("llyns" in Welsh), tucked away in the rugged geology of the more remote areas of the UK. The Passport offers several such waters on a day ticket basis in mid and north Wales, all offering their own unique strains of wild brown trout. Upland trout aren't necessarily the prettiest of fish - they tend to be lean, toothy and dark - but they are often ferocious takers that put up a fantastic scrap once hooked.

Some of the llyns are very remote and require quite a hike to get to them so please read each fishery description carefully before making a booking. Otherwise, grab your rucksack and with travel rod packed, go and explore!

Please also note that "wild camping" is not permitted anywhere on Fishing Passport waters (river or still water) without the landowner's permission. In almost every case, the owner of the fishing rights is different to the landowner, so regretfully we cannot provide landowner contact information.

Fishing Type Key
Trout (River)
Sea Trout
Trout (Stillwater)
Winter Grayling
All Species (in season)
Boat up to 2 Anglers
Bank Only