At just under ½ mile, Llwyn Corner is good salmon and prime trout fishing on the lower Usk, suited to a classic Usk day of salmon fishing when the trout aren’t rising and picking up the trout rod when they are.

Rules and Regulations
  • National bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Fly Fishing only for Trout
  • Flyfishing and spinning (when byelaws allow) for salmon only. No bait fishing.
  • 2 trout can be taken per rod.
  • Catch & Release for salmon at all times
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • An online catch return MUST be completed after fishing

Availability & Booking

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Ticket Price Info
Max number of tickets per day:
Full Day £27.50
Evening fishing from 5pm onwards £13.75
Trout (River)
Full Day £27.50
Evening fishing from 5pm onwards £13.75